July 18, 2015 

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2018 Shriners Hospital for Children Patient Ambassador
72nd Annual East-West Shrine Game
Grant Brumwell
Grant Brumwell, now 10 years old, was born with Bilateral Clubbed Feet, his right foot being significantly worse than the left and pointed back up at his chest. His mom found out about his condition at her 22 week ultrasound appointment. Having a birth defect identified in your child is terrifying, the knowledge of the condition and the treatment given by Shriners Hospital for Children, the doctors and nurses, has made the whole experience not so scary. The words of hope for the staff has been invaluable.

Grant was placed into casts on both feet up to his thighs at 10 days old. These casts needed to be changed every 1 to 2 weeks. Grants treatment started in Great Falls with a local doctor. At 8 months old Grant had surgery to lengthen his heal cords, and then it was back into casts for another 3 months. When Grant was about 1 it became apparent to his mom that a different treatment plan and doctor was needed. It was then that she was referred to her local Shriners and they got Grant sponsored to be seen at Shriners Hospital for Children in Spokane, WA.

February of 2009 was Grants first appointment with Dr. Baird. He was placed back into casts and they needed to be changed every month, that began frequent trips to Spokane. At the age of 2 Grant was moved to every 3 month appointments and when he wasn't in a growth spurt it was every 6 months or once a year. During this time, Grant was placed in night time braces. In kindergarten, Grant was placed back in double walking casts for 4 months. What a way to start kindergarten!!! Grant, now going into 5th grade, has been placed back in a brace to wear at night for his right leg. He will continue to wear a nighttime and/or daytime brace for the next couple of years until it's time for surgery on the right leg. Dr. Baird has always let us know that there are surgical options available, but has tried to treat Grant with the least invasive methods.

Through all this Grant has remained a healthy, active, energetic young man. He has never felt sorry for himself, saying It's how I'm made and what I have to do. Shriners Hospital for Children has helped me since I was little and I'm glad they did! Grant is an honor roll student at his elementary school, an active cub scout on his way to earning his arrow of light, plays baseball, and an avid basketball player whenever he can. Most people would never know that there is anything wrong with Grant's feet. This is due to the amazing work that the Shriner Hospital does.

There truly is no place like the Shriners Hospital for Children. Hope for normal life is always given, on e never has to worry, because you feel like you are family and they always have the best interest of you child at heart. Not only are the staff knowledgeable, but they are friendly and always glad to see us.

We would like to thank the Great Falls Shrine Club, Dr. Baird, Coco and the rest of the hospital staff and volunteers for the invaluable gift you have given Grant's life would not be the same without all of you! He is able to be a normal, fun, active boy... Grant walks because of Shriners Hospital for Children!

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